Welcome to The Labbo universe, a true laboratory where materials, craftsmanship and unique design come together.

True luxury is feeling happy, a calm emotion that lasts wherever you go.



About us | The Labbo

Welcome to The Labbo universe, I'm Esther Romero and I want to invite you to discover where all this comes from.

Creative since I was born, I have been and am in permanent contact with the world of crafts, to which is added my great love for fashion, as a way of expressing myself and presenting myself to the world. My studio is a constantly changing laboratory where I combine materials and artisan techniques to give life to the accessories I create, hence the name.

After months of intense work, I decided to express myself through unique creations that provoked happiness and security in the women who wore them.

This is why The Labbo is synonymous with artisanal luxury and exclusive design. Together with my team of artisans, I specialize in creating handmade bags and fashion accessories, perfect for those women looking for unique and distinctive pieces. Each product is a work of art, carefully crafted with the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail.

Our history

The Labbo was born from my passion for design and craftsmanship, and I am the designer of this entire world. With a strong focus on quality and exclusivity, we have established a brand that distinguishes itself in the world of luxury fashion. Each bag and accessory is created not only to complement your style, but to be an extension of your personality.

Our values

High Quality Craftsmanship:

Each product is handmade by experienced artisans, using traditional techniques combined with a modern approach.

Premium Materials:
We only use the best materials to ensure that each piece is not only beautiful, but also durable.
Exclusive design:
We offer unique designs that you won't find anywhere else. Each piece is limited, ensuring you have something truly special.
Minimum production:

Seeing mountains of clothes and accessories in a field fills me with sadness. Mass production is ending the real appreciation of what we acquire, and we simply throw it away and don't think about the consequences. That is why you will find many products in Pre-order.

    Our mission

    At The Labbo , our mission is to create bags and fashion accessories that not only beautify, but also empower women. We want each client to feel the luxury and exclusivity of wearing a piece designed especially for them.

    Our commitment is to avoid mass production, if we want to take care of our planet we must control waste.

    Handmade design is our flag, each piece that leaves our workshop has been hand-woven or sewn, with the necessary time to make it as perfect as possible.

    And of course we focus on you, that's why our treatment is so personal, we want to know what you want so we can always be at your service. Surrounding you with beauty and helping to make you a little happier fills us with joy!

    Our Process

    From the selection of the best materials to the final packaging, each stage of the creation process at The Labbo is designed to guarantee the highest quality. Our artisans work meticulously to produce each piece, ensuring that every detail is perfectly executed.

    Commitment to Sustainability

    We care about the environment and sustainability. Therefore, we use eco-friendly materials and promote responsible production practices. We want our products to be not only beautiful, but also kind to the planet. We work with vegetable leathers, natural threads and organic fabrics, being consistent with our values.

    Testimonials from Our Clients

    "The Labbo has transformed my concept of luxury. Each bag is a work of art and the level of detail is incredible." - T.A.

    "They are not only beautiful, but also functional. I am in love with every piece I have from The Labbo." -PV

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