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Military Green Couture Bag with Flap

Military Green Couture Bag with Flap

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Fabricación y envío

Para fabricar cada modelo tardamos entre 7 y 10 días. A lo que deberás sumas unos 2 días para recibirlo. Por favor ten esto en cuenta al hacer tu pedido.

"Military Green Couture" Bag

Discover artisanal elegance at its finest with this personalized crochet bag.

Its measurements: 20 cm wide, 13 cm high and 7 cm deep make it the perfect accessory to carry your essentials with style.

This exquisite handbag, with a rectangular shape and flap, is a masterpiece handwoven with the utmost attention to detail.

The beauty of the details of this crochet bag

Our high-quality gold hardware adds a touch of luxury to this unique bag, while the crocheted handle provides comfort and sophistication for hand carrying. In addition, we have thought about versatility by including a 110 cm long chain, allowing you to carry it on your shoulder with elegance.

What makes it special?

What makes our bags really special is their exclusivity. Each bag is created completely custom, with carefully selected threads and meticulously hand-woven patterns. No two bags are the same, which means that owning one of these bags is a unique and luxurious experience that other people won't be able to have.

Elevate your style and show your appreciation for craftsmanship with our exclusive crochet bag. It's not just an accessory, it's a unique fashion statement. Make it yours today and stand out in this handwoven luxury!

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